Upright Group Website Redesign & Refresh

The Brief:

Create a Website Redesign, to refresh the web presence to something cutting edge, interesting and contemporary.

Project Details:

Long term clients of ours – Upright Group Ltd – recently asked us to create a new look and feel to their website. They were keen to refresh their web presence to better represent the fantastic services they provide to the retail industry. It took longer than usual, opting for a wide colour pallet, several animated elements and incorporating the use of sub-brands to highlight the best points about what they do. The site is designed to be mobile friendly, with an intuitive user experience. Check it out for yourself and feel free to social share it! www.upright.group

Website Redesign – Home Page

Opting for a scrolling single page to deliver the key messages worked best for this redesign. Each featured section would feed into a deeper level page to encourage site exploration.

Website Redesign for Upright Group Ltd

Case Study Pages:

Case Studies were going to feature heavily on the new website, truly showing off their work in a beautiful way. We opted for a clean uniform design layout that was flexible enough to remain consistent regardless of the amount of collateral available for each case study. Lightboxes with a single taster image, rather than space consuming galleries were chosen to present the carefully captured collateral (both galleries to video content), in a consistent way throughout each project regardless of volume.


Highlighting everything from business attitude, to the quality of work to customer feedback. We took the best elements and sub-branded them to truly make a feature the fantastic work they do and give it the attention it deserves.

Animated Graphic Elements

The Website redesign incorporates many animated graphics from individual gifs, to scrolling headers to looped video. In this example “Everything in one place” we wanted to feature the range of services and abilities Upright Group has on offer (it is comprehensive, to say the least). We opted for a moving graphic that gradually focussed the eye on the different disciplines they can help with.

Everything-in-One-place-Animated Gif

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