… What does Jamie’s Design & Marketing do?

We are a Graphic Design and Marketing company dedicated to making great things happen for businesses of all sizes.

We combine the very best creative talent and marketing expertise to provide incredible branding, design and marketing services that help our clients to reach their clients!

How can we help you?


We make sure that our clients get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s something we’ve proven we can do, with graphics, video, promotional items and visualisation and more… At Jamie’s Marketing, we combine loads of creative flair with oodles of commercial know-how to make sure that your business stands out!


We’re all about shrinking the gap between a business and its potential customers. That means non-stop dedication to getting our clients closer to the right people! Despite our proven track record, we never stop striving for even better marketing results through our mix of services and our great team.


Our training days are all about helping to build up your team’s skills so that they can put them to use in your business. These relaxed and enjoyable days are focused on giving your people new or updated skills and a fresh enthusiasm for putting them to work in your company! Our training days have become something of a featured event in the business calendar of many of our clients!

If you have a project you’d like us to help you with, why not get in touch? The kettle is always on, and we’ve usually got some nice biccies in too!

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