Pop press, Nottingham

Our chat with Steve & Ming at the awesome shop, Pop Press!

Pop press, Nottingham

Pop press, Nottingham

Hi Guys, so, what’s the name of your business and when did you start this crazy ride of owning your own business? 

We’re called Pop Press & we opened our Pop Press shop and studio in June 2016

So, what is Pop Press all about?

Using letterpress as an art medium to make limited run printed goods with lasting appeal. As retailers we carefully curate a collection of beautiful, but affordable art prints and illustrated goods to complement our own work.

What makes you excited about your business currently?

Meeting the interesting people who come into our shop. We’ve had artists, designers, musicians, scientists, astronomers, not to mention all the lovely people who just dig what we do and buy our stuff.

We love hosting letterpress workshops for people who love the look of letterpress and want to learn how it’s done and try making their own notebooks, cards or prints. Check our website for upcoming dates!

We’re also excited about collaborative work. Recently we’ve done some limited run prints with Sheffield based illustrator, Ella Osborne and a set of bespoke letterpressed coasters for our neighbours, The Malt Cross.

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

How have you found working on the business so far?

As printmakers the main challenges have always been dealing with the everyday troubleshooting required to achieve good printing and finding the time and inspiration to create new work. Now we have the shop added to the equation our to-do list is a certainly lot longer. We often combine design work with running the shop.

What sort of marketing works best for you and what doesn’t?

We haven’t tried advertising so can’t comment on that, but we do regular posts on Instagram to let our growing network know what we’re up to. We cascade the posts into Facebook and Twitter but tailor subject matter according to the social media because we find that certain group prefer certain channels eg visual imagery in Instagram attract designers and artists. We send out  daily, high quality, relevant posts rather than have a blanket, saturation approach. We prefer to let the brand grow organically rather than pushing it into people’s faces! We show our latest projects, showcase designers and illustrators who we admire and update on events.A monthly newsletter is the next stage for us.

Pop press, Nottingham, Unique Notepads

Pop press, Nottingham, Unique Notepads

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?

Life/work balance!

Continually thinking ahead about sourcing artwork that appeal to Nottingham buyers, materials, displaying products in an interesting way and fitting this in with making and designing our own products.

Believe me, I totally understand that issue. So what are you most looking forward to in the future?

Establishing Pop Press as the place to visit for short run art prints, illustrated goods and stationery in Nottingham. Also establishing St.James’s Street as a destination for art, craft, music and culture using Jamgate* as a collective vehicle.

*Jamgate is a collective of independent businesses consisting of Arts and Crafts at The Malt Cross, Plates Records, Handmade Notts, Dukki Gifts and Pop Press.


Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Well we absolutely love what you’re doing, but for the folks at home that haven’t yet been here, where can people find you?

Two minutes walk from the Market Square – 14 St.James’s Street, Nottingham NG16FG (Next to the Malt Cross and Handmade Notts)





Next time you’re in Nottingham, Pop Press is very much worth a visit, Particularly if you’re looking for something creative, unique and fun. The press workshops are also really cool too. Check em out. 

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