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Three Fonts Friday

In 2016, we at Jamie’s Design & Marketing liked to recommend a free font to you every Friday to help inspire those who want to create interesting and professional looking communications for their business. It’s been a busy old start to the year, but we are back with a bumper instalment to keep you going. So we decided…

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Upright Group Ltd Walking Dead Promotional Video

When our clients – retail display experts Upright Group Ltd – moved into an old prosthetics factory, we got all Rick Grimes and saw the perfect opportunity to document this massive transition for the business and premises. This was a real opportunity to have some fun and show off the personality of the business, whilst…

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Chat time with Becky Ryan of Becky Ryan Photography

Beck Ryan Phtpgraphy Logo Hiya Becky, for those who don’t know what’s the name of your business & when did you start trading?  Becky Ryan Photography I started working for myself in 2013 Tell us what your business is all about?  I’m a photographer, mainly covering weddings but also doing portrait work (promo shots for performers,…

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Pop press, Nottingham
Our chat with Steve & Ming at the awesome shop, Pop Press!

Pop press, Nottingham Hi Guys, so, what’s the name of your business and when did you start this crazy ride of owning your own business?  We’re called Pop Press & we opened our Pop Press shop and studio in June 2016 So, what is Pop Press all about? Using letterpress as an art medium to make…

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Amala Living Foods Organic Food Graphic Design Blog Header
Xanthea Heynes, Owner of Amala Living Foods, Nottingham

Cobden Chambers is fast becoming one of the coolest places to visit in Nottingham. That’s even truer now Amala Living Foods have opened their café-deli there! Even though it opened just a month ago, the deli is already receiving rave reviews and is quickly getting known as the place to buy and enjoy organic, raw…

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Airport Travel Retail Graphic Design
Blog Header Graphic – For a Travel Retail Blog

Airport & travel retail blog header graphic Here’s some recent work we did for our client Upright Group Limited, they work with duty-free retailers and brands to create displays for airports, train stations, and ports. The blog piece is about recent developments in the airport retail arena around the world, so we felt that including several…

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Inside Springfield Hall, Sandiacre
Ashley Reid, Manager of Springfield Hall, Sandiacre

The stunning interior of Springfield Hall In the first of our chats with business-owners on all things business and marketing, we talk to Ashley Reid, the owner and manager of Springfield Hall in Sandiacre. In just four years, Ashley has transformed an overlooked old building into a stunning venue proving extremely popular for wedding receptions,…

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Standing Ovation Logo Design 5
Standing Ovation Logo Design – Business Training

A good friend of mine, David, is a business coach and all round bloody great bloke. His company is called Standing Ovation Ltd and they’re a business training company. They go around the world helping businesses get better at doing what they do (mine included) so I wanted to come up with a logo design that…

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Hi surprise
Outdoor Education Leicestershire Logo Design

It’s a rather cold and rainy day here today (in the middle of UK summer!) However, being from the UK you learn to either get on with it or you do nothing, so rather fittingly, here is another example of some logo design work we’ve done for a friend/client. Outdoor Education Leicestershire are a company that…

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Jamie Beau – Gig Poster

  Jamie-Beau-Poster-Landscape Jamie Beau the Artist wanted some promotional posters to send out to venues prior to performing there. Here’s what we came up with.

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Your Vote Counts – InfoGraphic

As the election is only days away , we thought we’d join in and create a little info graphic showing the immence power that none voters hold to make a change if they really want to.

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JBB Sound Logo Design

JBB Sound Logo design. The Rebranding of JBB Sound has been ongoing for a little while. The final logo chosen is a play on the “throwing the horns” hand gesture that the client loved but we also had a little play with sound waves and whole range of other ideas that cropped up. JBB-Logo-1_07 JBB-Logo-1_01…

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American College Logo Design Theme

Long time clients of ours Upright UK Ltd asked us to come up with a series of logo designs to celebrate their 10th year in business. The brief was to create an american college logo design themed to work well on a promotional T-shirt series. Logo Designs 10-year-logo-1 10-year-logo-3-with-shadow 10-year-logo-2-with-Logo 10-year-logo-3-No-shadow 10-year-logo-2-Orange-U 10-year-logo-black 10-year-logo-2-Blue-U 10-year-logo-6…

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