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Three Fonts Friday

In 2016, we at Jamie’s Design & Marketing liked to recommend a free font to you every Friday to help inspire those who want to create interesting and professional looking communications for their business. It’s been a busy old start to the year, but we are back with a bumper instalment to keep you going. So we decided to neatly package up three at a time, complete with links to the free download itself, to make things super easy for you!

There really are no excuses for Comic Sans newsletters anymore…



font-glamorCreated by 26-year-old French graphic designer Hendrick Rolandez. Designed in 2013, Glamor includes a set of 24 fonts, from light to bold, with more than 200 unique characters for each font.

Get it free here.


font-monthoersCreated by Indonesia-based graphic designer Agga Swistblnk, it’s the latest version of her Rochoes typeface, and is free for personal & commercial use. (Look her up on Bechance – she has created tonnes of fantastic fonts).

Get it free here.


font-canterThe first font created by Brooklyn designer Christopher JH Lee, this free for all projects typeface was created as a display type, and contains interesting weights such as “Strips” and “Bold 3D” which can be layered together to create something truly eye-catching.

Get it free here.



 We would love to see projects that you have used any of the featured fonts in, so leave a comment to let us know!

Upright Group Ltd Walking Dead Promotional Video

When our clients – retail display experts Upright Group Ltd – moved into an old prosthetics factory, we got all Rick Grimes and saw the perfect opportunity to document this massive transition for the business and premises.

This was a real opportunity to have some fun and show off the personality of the business, whilst keeping the brand message professional and corporate. The building itself looked like it had been abandoned in a hurry and had a real eerie feel (we kept expecting to find a cupboard with “DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE” scrawled over it) so a before and after video seemed like the perfect showcase, and to say the transformation has been amazing would be an understatement. With a bit of creative thinking, and utilising the amazing treasure trove of leftover props, we came up with this video that both the client and us love.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

Chat time with Becky Ryan of Becky Ryan Photography

Beck Ryan Phtpgraphy Logo

Hiya Becky, for those who don’t know what’s the name of your business & when did you start trading? 

Becky Ryan Photography I started working for myself in 2013

Tell us what your business is all about? 

I’m a photographer, mainly covering weddings but also doing portrait work (promo shots for performers, family shoots etc). I class myself as an ‘alternative’ wedding photographer in that I don’t work in the traditional posed manner of staging lots of shots and being directorial on the day, I much prefer to blend in and capture weddings in a more natural way and like to capture the fun, quirky, and heartfelt moments that I am able to catch by working in this more candid fashion.

What is making you excited about your business currently?

Nothing beats how lovely it is to provide my wedding couples with her photos and have such heartfelt messages of thanks in return. I’ve had such lovely words from brides, grooms, and family members this year that it really makes me feel lucky to be doing what I do.

The opportunities that can arise from the job are also pretty exciting. On my birthday last year I found myself shooting one of my favourite comedian’s, Nick Helm.

How have you found working on the business so far? 

I’ve found it time consuming and stressful at times. It can be overwhelming running a business on your own, but as described previously, hearing how much your photos mean to your couples makes it all worth while. I’m lucky to have met a good community of fellow photographer friends through workshops that I have attended, that support one another and are always there should you need advice. Although we’re based all over the country the online Facebook groups for past attendees of said workshops are very active each day and we all know that we can always post in them if we ever need to reach out.


Becky Ryan Photography Wedding shot

What sort of marketing works best for you and what doesn’t? 

The vast majority of my enquiries come through Google, so my ranking on the search engine is an important part of my business. I have tried advertising in magazines but never had anything from it. I have appeared in regional wedding magazines several times in features but people never seem to find me from them. I am, however, appearing in a less traditional magazine later this year, Rock N’ Roll Bride, which I am hoping may be more successful due to it being more popular within my target audience than the more traditional mainstream bridal magazines.

I do quite a lot of Facebook marketing and have had a few bookings through Facebook. My Facebook marketing consists of occasionally running adverts, as well as keeping my page up to date with my latest work, sharing new blogs from my main website and posting images from recent weddings.

I took part in a couple of small local wedding fairs when I was first starting out but didn’t get any work from them. I put this down to the audience and the size of the fair, and have considered taking part in more ‘alternative’ fairs but they have a long waiting list for photographers and also tend to carry a pretty big price tag so they’ve not been high on my marketing priorities.

I take time to try to get to know my couples as people, I simply genuinely want to know about them! What they like to do in their spare time, what their favourite shows on TV are, and in term I put myself out there on my website too as I want people to visit it and feel they get to know me a little through it. It helps potential clients decide whether I’m the right sort of person for them (and also of course reduces enquiries from people that I potentially wouldn’t quite be on the same wave length as). I’m really lucky in that how I market myself as a ‘person’ rather than just a faceless business has lead to me forming lasting friendships with some of my couples and I’m really pleased to be able to say that. I mean choosing someone to spend a full day with you on one of the biggest days of your life is a pretty big decision. It’s lovely to have had so many couples say it felt more like I was a friend, another guest, there on the day rather than their photographer, so it’s nice to be seen as both!

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?

People don’t value, or don’t understand, the work you put in sometimes and I find my images increasingly being stolen and used without permission or credit, particularly so recently. Suppliers, magazines, and it can be difficult to confront them when you’re just one little person and they’re, potentially, a big business. But, having sent an invoice off to a regional magazine just this month and intending to pursue it to the end, I feel that I am better at standing my ground now.

It can be difficult to work out how to target your specific target audience (and who they are) at the start of a business. It takes time, but, well into my third year of business, I feel I have a good idea what makes up my ideal client and where to reach them.

Time management can be a challenge, and even allocating working hours. Working from home can make it easy to find yourself on the laptop marketing or editing on and off from when you wake to when you sleep, and it can be difficult to ‘switch off’ from work.

becky-ryan-websiteWhat are you looking forward to most for the future?

Continuing to build my business, hopefully working at some of the venues on my ‘wishlist’, and meeting lots more awesome, quirky and wonderful couples. I’m also always looking forward to the varying places my photography will take me. I’ve gone all over England for my wedding work, Brighton, Bath, Northumberland, Dorset, it’s always exciting to see where it will take me next, maybe even to another country.

Well, you photographed my wedding so I know how excellent you are, so for anyone who hasn’t yet seen your work where can people find you?

Facebook –

Twitter – @bec1989

Instagram – @beckyryanphoto 

Pop press, Nottingham
Our chat with Steve & Ming at the awesome shop, Pop Press!
Pop press, Nottingham

Pop press, Nottingham

Hi Guys, so, what’s the name of your business and when did you start this crazy ride of owning your own business? 

We’re called Pop Press & we opened our Pop Press shop and studio in June 2016

So, what is Pop Press all about?

Using letterpress as an art medium to make limited run printed goods with lasting appeal. As retailers we carefully curate a collection of beautiful, but affordable art prints and illustrated goods to complement our own work.

What makes you excited about your business currently?

Meeting the interesting people who come into our shop. We’ve had artists, designers, musicians, scientists, astronomers, not to mention all the lovely people who just dig what we do and buy our stuff.

We love hosting letterpress workshops for people who love the look of letterpress and want to learn how it’s done and try making their own notebooks, cards or prints. Check our website for upcoming dates!

We’re also excited about collaborative work. Recently we’ve done some limited run prints with Sheffield based illustrator, Ella Osborne and a set of bespoke letterpressed coasters for our neighbours, The Malt Cross.

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

How have you found working on the business so far?

As printmakers the main challenges have always been dealing with the everyday troubleshooting required to achieve good printing and finding the time and inspiration to create new work. Now we have the shop added to the equation our to-do list is a certainly lot longer. We often combine design work with running the shop.

What sort of marketing works best for you and what doesn’t?

We haven’t tried advertising so can’t comment on that, but we do regular posts on Instagram to let our growing network know what we’re up to. We cascade the posts into Facebook and Twitter but tailor subject matter according to the social media because we find that certain group prefer certain channels eg visual imagery in Instagram attract designers and artists. We send out  daily, high quality, relevant posts rather than have a blanket, saturation approach. We prefer to let the brand grow organically rather than pushing it into people’s faces! We show our latest projects, showcase designers and illustrators who we admire and update on events.A monthly newsletter is the next stage for us.

Pop press, Nottingham, Unique Notepads

Pop press, Nottingham, Unique Notepads

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?

Life/work balance!

Continually thinking ahead about sourcing artwork that appeal to Nottingham buyers, materials, displaying products in an interesting way and fitting this in with making and designing our own products.

Believe me, I totally understand that issue. So what are you most looking forward to in the future?

Establishing Pop Press as the place to visit for short run art prints, illustrated goods and stationery in Nottingham. Also establishing St.James’s Street as a destination for art, craft, music and culture using Jamgate* as a collective vehicle.

*Jamgate is a collective of independent businesses consisting of Arts and Crafts at The Malt Cross, Plates Records, Handmade Notts, Dukki Gifts and Pop Press.


Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Pop press, Nottingham, Letter Press Workshop

Well we absolutely love what you’re doing, but for the folks at home that haven’t yet been here, where can people find you?

Two minutes walk from the Market Square – 14 St.James’s Street, Nottingham NG16FG (Next to the Malt Cross and Handmade Notts)

Next time you’re in Nottingham, Pop Press is very much worth a visit, Particularly if you’re looking for something creative, unique and fun. The press workshops are also really cool too. Check em out. 

Amala Living Foods Organic Food Graphic Design Blog Header
Xanthea Heynes, Owner of Amala Living Foods, Nottingham

Cobden Chambers is fast becoming one of the coolest places to visit in Nottingham. That’s even truer now Amala Living Foods have opened their café-deli there! Even though it opened just a month ago, the deli is already receiving rave reviews and is quickly getting known as the place to buy and enjoy organic, raw and naturally “free from” vegan food. There’s a lot of coverage of “clean eating” in the media at the moment, but Amala Living Foods is proving that it’s much more than a fad and that it can be both delicious and life changing! The business was inspired by the experience of its Founder, Xanthea Heynes, who experienced the positive effects of switching to raw and vegan food herself.  She developed her vision for something different in Nottingham and has been amazed by the response!

Amala Living Foods in Cobden ChambersXanthea’s mission is to get all of us eating more organic, plant-based and raw foods with her deli and store which provides handmade food, using high quality organic and locally sourced produce – all 100% vegan and free of gluten and refined sugar. You’ll find that the deli is packed with an amazing array of mouth-watering raw and cooked vegan food, salad boxes, cakes, juices, smoothies and even more!

You only have to spend a few minutes in the attractive-looking deli and experience its welcoming vibe to see why it’s proving so popular. While the deli has been open just a few weeks, the business has been launched for about a year and has its roots in local foodie enterprises like the vegan market in Sneinton and a pop up takeover night at the Bluebird Café in Sherwood. We wanted to know how Xanthea has found her first month in business. She explains: “Time management is key! It’s gone really well. It’s just me and Eshe working here. We’ve been completely selling out of food. It shows that there is a market for raw, vegan healthy living. It’s been growing and overall things have been good. The vision is almost complete!”

Naturally, we wanted to know more about the vision for the business! Xanthea tells us: amala-living-foods-6“The vision for Amala Living Foods is to be a raw vegan food company. I’m expanding to a holistic approach so we will have a whole range of products in the shop, including things like skincare. We really focus on the local, sustainable and environmental side of things, as well as healthy food that you can cook for lunch or take it away, for example.”

Sounds great, but what would Xanthea say is the most exciting thing about the business? “The most exciting thing about the business is probably opening the shop! It was always my vision to have a little premises, to have a place where I could locally spread the concept. To actually finally be within a premises, to have it up and running is amazing. It’s all gone so fast! I was just talking to a property developer about this place back in the Spring and I never even considered that it would actually happen back then and now I’m here! What excites me the most is getting to share all these amazing products. I love getting the message out there about how you can eat raw healthy vegan foods. I’ve been waiting for somewhere like this to come along for such a long time and I had to create it myself because it wasn’t happening! It’s what I wanted and I thought if I wanted it, other people must want it as well!”

So how did the shop in Cobden Chambers come about? Amala Living Foods pop up shop“It’s really strange. When I first founded the business in September 2015, I said to my boyfriend Ross, “If it could choose anywhere, it would be Cobden Chambers” and then a year later I found myself here which is just bizarre! I was emailing around loads and loads of places to find premises and I was talking to Creative Quarter who put me in touch with Bildurn and they said they had a space opening in August. It was perfect timing because I was ready to go into something at that point and here I am!”

As you would expect, we want to know how this already popular café-deli is getting its name out there. Xanthea says: “Word of mouth marketing has been great for us. Word has spread and there’s a really good buzz about the place in the local area. We’re also using Facebook adverts. Eshe’s really on the ball with social media!  We do want to do more but it’s finding the time and it’s so easy to get caught up in everything else.”

We wanted to find out what Xanthea sees as the hardest part of starting a business. She sums it up in just two words: “Time management! It’s just the two of us working here and making all the food ready for the day. We run out of stock because it’s so popular and while it’s a great reason to sell out, it means we can’t provide people with what they want. So we’re trying to find that balance and we’re starting to get into a routine now.  We’ve both had a lot of support from the Prince’s Trust and we have Business Advisor who comes in and helps us do all the admin side of things.”

While it sounds like all of their products are in demand, we want to know what their best seller is! Xanthea says: amala-living-foods-3“Everyone loves cake! It’s Cake Week right now, with 10% off cakes, which has been very popular. I’ve also been really surprised about how well our organic produce went because I’ve always heard that most people don’t really want to buy it. It’s been the complete opposite – people have been coming in here and just clearing the veg out! It’s been great.”

With so much going on, we want to know what Xanthea is most excited about for the future? She explains: “Short-term, I’m really excited about Autumn and Christmas!  We’re going to have the Amala grotto with Christmas lights everywhere! We’re going to extend the counter and do soups and that kind of thing. Aside from that, we’ve got some really exciting new products coming in. We’re also making our own stuff. In future, we want to have a whole range of juices and smoothies. We’ve been doing them when we have the time, but eventually we want the whole range here. So it’ll be just like a wellness centre in a way – you can come and get your organic produce, you can get your juices and smoothies and you can come and talk to us and just hang out!”

Eshe adds: “We’re also excited about working with other local businesses and creating new initiatives and projects together! We’re doing a supper club at Debbie Bryan’s in November. Look out for us in markets in the new year too!”.

So, if you haven’t visited yet, get yourself to Amala Living Foods at Cobden Chambers to see what all the fuss is all about! You can also find out more at:

Twitter – @amalalivingfood

Facebook – @amalalivingfoods

Instagram –

Airport Travel Retail Graphic Design
Blog Header Graphic – For a Travel Retail Blog
Airport Travel retail blog header graphic

Airport & travel retail blog header graphic

Here’s some recent work we did for our client Upright Group Limited, they work with duty-free retailers and brands to create displays for airports, train stations, and ports. The blog piece is about recent developments in the airport retail arena around the world, so we felt that including several global landmarks would get the message across nicely.

You can check out the blog piece here which is scheduled for Thursday the 6th of October and read all about it. We do the majority of the creative graphics for Upright Group and it gives us a great opportunity to flex our creative muscles and work with an interesting company that blends creative and technical output so well. Check out the Upright Group blog where you’ll see lots more of our work including their newly rebranded logo.

Inside Springfield Hall, Sandiacre
Ashley Reid, Manager of Springfield Hall, Sandiacre
Inside Springfield Hall, Sandiacre

The stunning interior of Springfield Hall

In the first of our chats with business-owners on all things business and marketing, we talk to Ashley Reid, the owner and manager of Springfield Hall in Sandiacre. In just four years, Ashley has transformed an overlooked old building into a stunning venue proving extremely popular for wedding receptions, parties and other events. Described by guests as “A beautiful place and a lovely atmosphere” and “A lovely and unique place to have a party”, Springfield Hall has certainly made a big impression in a small amount of time! So what took Ashley down this path in the first place? Well, as he explains,

“It all started as a happy accident. I’d started doing bar work at Risley Hall and was also in a band. This place was derelict and my parents, who had bought the building, were using it as a factory room for their furniture-making business! We started thinking that maybe people could use it for dances. We were asked to hire it out for someone’s daughter’s 18th birthday party and it went from there! Having started off doing things like music nights and comedy nights, we’ve moved more into wedding receptions this year and the response has been incredible! We have adapted the space, but the fundamentals haven’t changed. People are stunned by it.”

So far, so good, but as every business-owner knows, setting up and running a business comes with its fair share of challenges! Ashley says:

“There have been a lot of learning curves for me along the way! I I’ve learned so much. I would say that one of the biggest issues is finding out about all the things you have to pay for – the unexpected things that come up! Then there are the times when it goes quiet on the enquiry front. Fortunately that only happens very rarely! I’m really proud to have set up the business and got it going with no money.”

As you would expect, we really want to know what has and hasn’t worked for Ashley in marketing his business:

“The biggest thing that’s helped us has always been word of mouth. We’ve tried other things too. While we haven’t found that newspapers or magazines have done too much for us, we have done well from social media. I think that’s got a lot to do with the nature of the business. People can share photos of their big day and tag themselves and that makes it more personal. We’ve also recently updated our new website at which has had a great response.”

Springfield hall wedding decor

Wedding decor at Springfield Hall

All this hard work is obviously paying off, because Ashley tells us that the venue is booked up for the next six months! But what about further down the line? What are his plans? Ashley explains that he’s always continually improving the hall and the business as a whole. He also has some exciting plans involving his comedy nights and expanding his wedding event options – so watch this space!

It’s clear that Springfield Hall is now well and truly on the wedding reception and parties map. But what does Ashley believe lies behind the success of his business?

“I think it’s about being firm but fair. People understandably get emotional about their wedding day. But communication is key. I also think it’s about enjoying what I do. It’s great being my own boss and having the freedom to do things my own way. Plus there’s always something to do! The whole project of doing up the building was great fun. I particularly enjoy being able to host people’s weddings – the atmosphere, the fun – all of it!”

So what would Ashley say to anyone wanting to make their wedding reception or party really special?

“Visit our website at or find us on Facebook. Don’t be worried about giving us a call to chat about prices too. While we are booked up in advance, we do sometimes have a few spaces and can negotiate on costs. If you just want to come along and see the place for yourself, feel free to get in touch!”.

Standing Ovation Logo Design 5
Standing Ovation Logo Design – Business Training

A good friend of mine, David, is a business coach and all round bloody great bloke. His company is called Standing Ovation Ltd and they’re a business training company. They go around the world helping businesses get better at doing what they do (mine included) so I wanted to come up with a logo design that had some good impact and presence and that represented his company well.

Here’s what I came up with.

So what do you recon – Love it or Loathe it? Either way feel free to drop a comment below, feedback is how we all get better, right?

Hi surprise
Outdoor Education Leicestershire Logo Design

It’s a rather cold and rainy day here today (in the middle of UK summer!) However, being from the UK you learn to either get on with it or you do nothing, so rather fittingly, here is another example of some logo design work we’ve done for a friend/client.

Outdoor Education Leicestershire are a company that my friend Karl setup that provides outdoor adventure activities to schools throughout Leicestershire. They’ve a keen interest in Canoeing and other water sports so we felt this fitted perfectly. I think it’s perfectly simple in execution and quite elegant looking too.

I’d love to know what you think though so even if you love it or hate it, just drop me a comment below. Feedback is really the best way to keep getting better.

Jamie Beau – Gig Poster


Jamie Beau the Artist wanted some promotional posters to send out to venues prior to performing there. Here’s what we came up with.

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