full-size-logoA little about us …

We were founded in late 2013/2014 with the mission of providing exceptional marketing solutions, combining the best creative talent and marketing experience to help our clients reach theirs.

The founder of Jamie’s Marketing is so passionate about making change happen for clients that he quite literally put his name on the business! Jamie’s Marketing is owned and run by a chap called Jamie (surprise!) Burton who worked for a long time in marketing for SMEs in the retail and music sectors.  We’re proud of our track record of supporting a wide range of sectors from international clients to sole traders.


Talking about the company, Jamie says – “I started Jamie’s Marketing because I wanted to provide honest, straightforward, friendly and high quality marketing services to business. I always had the dream of being able to work autonomously and as luck would have it, the opportunity presented itself and I took it. Since then the company has grown from just me, into the company it is. We’ve grown our turnover by around 200% year on year since we started, so there’s really no reason we can’t help our clients do the same.”

Above all, we love seeing our clients do well. Thats why we’re here.

So, what else?

We always work hard to continually develop our skills and services either through acquisition or development. This means we can provide all sorts of additional benefits and services to our clients, we want to be their “go to” agency after all . We’re strong believers in developing what we can do in-house. That’s why we strive to provide as comprehensive a service as possible. Why not get in touch to find out how we could help you?

The types of things we get asked to do ...








Social Media


Photo Editing & Re-touching


Video Creation